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Sorry for the billion posts last night! I closed my fiction community, so I decided to post my work here. And then I remembered I have a site with my work on it. O_o Oh, well!

I decorated my room last night besides the rest of the house. ^_^ I put garland on my bed, a light-up house on my reading table, old-world Santas all in my bookcase, and a few other things. Oh, and I have a purple tree in my room. XD

I've been playing a lot of Sims 2 lately since I now have a computer that will let me play it! I'm on my third generation, and the little girl is named Skye, because her mother is an alien. Her mother got a divorce from Ocean, who was cheating on her! And Ella(the alien) had two fathers, Dorean and James, who now haunt a house. On Sims 2, you can get male sims pregnant with aliens only. Women just can't do it that way. SO, Dorean had Ella, Ella had Skye, and Skye is a little girl who has a C+ average in school. O_o That is so messed-up...

Oh! My mom sold this freezer to some guy and it was in our storage room thing outside. So, while cleaning it out, she let me beat-up, tear apart, and dissemble two old computers people gave her that didn't work. ^_^ It was so much fun! But the bad thing was that it was raining and cold, and I was outside throwing computer parts on the ground, and now I am sick. :( See, we had to break them, because they had info of other people on them, so in order for someone to not find that info out, I had to break them. :D It was fun.

I'm getting hungry, so I'm going to go get some toaster strudel. :D

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I wonder...Is it bad that I like to watch Max and Ruby on Nick Jr. everyday? I really wished they would show Little Bear though. XD See, most of these kiddie cartoons teach you something, and those two don't. ^_^ And the shows on Nick are horrible. Most of them are stupid shows for tweens, Spongebob, or some stupid random cartoon. So, in the morning, it's Max and Ruby. :P And there's hardly anything good on Cartoon Network, and there's even less on Disney. -_- YES I AM A CHILD IN MY INTERESTS! XD So what if I'm 19 and I like cartoons. :P

Oh, I beat a thing in Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS last night. ^_^ I feel really good about that! :D I've been stuck at that section for a long time! Now I have to go to the haunted house.



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