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Okay, you all now know I'm Autistic. But did you know that I regress daily?

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I just wanted to explain that all before I brag. I got a portable BriteLight today! It was only eight dollars too! ^_^ My mom got it for me. :D It works on batteries, and the pieces store in the case/britelight thing.

Also, don't be afraid to ask questions! And don't be freaked out by me. I am taking medicine, seeing doctors, and all that for help. It's not like I'm drooling and about kill someone over something stupid because of the lack of meds. ;) We're working on getting me a new therapist, since my old won't be paid by my insurance anymore, so yeah. So, please don't get weirded out by me! :D



Oct. 29th, 2009 05:43 am
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Just so you know...I have Asperger's! Yes, I'm what we call an 'Aspie'. It's a form of Autism. I don't really mind. I'm learning how to be 'normal'. :P My friend Teresa congratulates me whenever I get sarcasm and jokes right. XD Sort of stupid, but yeah. And lately, I've been saying things in order, not backwards. Usually it's: "I went to bed at ten or nine." Now it's the other way around. ^_^

Oh! And I'm what we call a toe-walker. I walk on my toes all the time. That's just how I'm wired. :D My mom tried to fix it with some doctors when I was little, but it didn't work. The only bad thing is when I used to weight more, my feet would hurt really bad because of the weight. Now, it's better because I've lost around 32lbs.

And I hand-flap a lot. It's a form of 'stimming'. It's like stimulation and I just have to do it! It's to get all this energy out or something, and it does make me happy. I also slap myself(not hard mind you), and walk around the house a lot. Those are other forms of stimming. And when I get upset, I hit my head. I have no idea why. I just so mad I start doing it.

So, that's a look into my life. XD

Why am I awake this early? I have no idea. I always wake up around this time for some reason, and then I go back to sleep after a bit.



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