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Genre: Het Romance
Rating: G
Summary: A girl is with her companion in a dream.

The roses he gives me are pale pink and white. They smell sweet, and I smile. He smiles in return. I then notice he has small cuts on his hands and that they're bleeding. He cut the roses from his mother's rose bushes, and had harmed himself in the process.

"Like me for you, the roses have thorns for their protection," he says.

I smile at him again, and say, "And I'm glad."

He holds my hands and kisses me. I drop the roses to the ground and hold his face in my hands, just wanting to feel his skin once more before-

* * *

I sit up fast in my bed as the alarm goes off. I look around for my roses and my lover, but they're both gone. I smile anyway. I know that my roses are being well taken care of, and that I am as well.

Title:Until Death Do We Join
Genre: Het Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: A young man's true lover watches him from Heaven.

I watched him wake up every morning. I watched him brush his teeth, comb his hair, and dress himself. I watch him drive his old car to school and I watched him do his lessons. I watched him and his girlfriend, who secretly cheated on him, that he tried to love in the sake of normalcy.

When he came home to his room, I watched him cry himself to sleep each night. I watched him smile as he dreamed of holding me, and of me telling him 'I love you'. He would wake and cry because I had to go, because he woke-up to find me not there.

His last dream was of me. The night before the crash. We danced and he held me close and said he wanted to come Home with me. I hated to tell him it was okay, that he'd be with me soon. He didn't know until his last second he was coming Home to stay.

He his happy now. No more tears or false lovers. No more fights or bullying.

I look over my shoulder at him. He's happily reading a comic book, lounging in my favorite chair. It's only been a week and he's already adjusted.

I'm glad and so is he.

Title: Ballerina
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Summary: Jenny lost herself long ago, but she wants to be a good companion to her husband anyway.

She opens the jewelry box, newly wound, and hears the song.

"Beautiful dreamer..." she whispers as the box plays the song, and the ballerina dances for her. She smiles.

Jenny frowns as the songs ends mid-way. She closes the lid, and winds it again, hope the song is the same as before. She peeks through the crack of the lid as she opens it slowly. The ballerina pops-up and the song begins. Jenny giggles and claps her hands.

"Come on, Jenny, time for bed," her husband, Francis says. Jenny whines, but obediently gets up and hops in their bed. She looks longingly at her rabbit across the room where she left it.

"You want, Miss Bunny, right?" Francis asks.

Jenny nods her head, and soon Miss Bunny is in her arms again. Francis kisses her head and says, “I'll be to bed in about half an hour, okay?”

Jenny smiles and snuggles down in the covers. Francis smiles at her and turns off the light and heads down the hall.

Miss Bunny is now propped up on the pillow beside Jenny.

"Hey, Bunny," Jenny whispers. "I want you to know something. Francis is mine, and I'm his. I have to be a good wife even if I lost my grown-up self long time ago. I still don't understand what a wife is, other than a really good friend. And that's what I'll be. His best friend...Yes, Miss Bunny, I'm still your friend too."

Jenny smiles happily and goes to sleep.

Downstairs, Francis is crying his eyes out, not knowing that his wife is going to try her hardest to be a loving companion. If he only knew.

I actually regress from time to time, but it's not full blown like the story. I do when I'm stressed-out or upset. :) It's a psychological thing and it inspired me to write this. :D


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