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Title: Alice
Genre: Horror/fantasy
Rating: PG
Summary: Don't always think an book is a innocent gift!
Note: For the prompt 'Tea' for the runaway_tales prompt list 'Coffee'.

In a sleepy village, it is Christmas time. People are caroling, opening presents, and having other yuletide merriment. In the house twelve-year-old Juthamine Baker, she is impatiently waiting for her turn to open a present. Juthamine hated rules at Christmas. Why can't everyone dive in and open a present whenever they like instead of having to take turns? Adults. Adults were the reason that most of Juthamine's Christmas was horrible. The turn taking, formal feasts, and having to wait for anything fun was not an ideal Christmas for her.

It was finally Juthamine's turn again, and she was handed a small, rectangle of a present from 'Santa', her younger brother Thomas. Juthamine's eyes actually lit up. She knew what it was. A book. She collected and loved books so much, so this was a treat! She greedily ripped the paper off the present. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass; Juthamine read the title over and over again. She couldn't believe it. She had been wanting this book for over a year now and she finally got it.

After a few moments of surprise, she let out a loud, high-pitched squeal that made a couple of her aunts cover their ears. Juthamine jumped up and down, holding her book, and she repeatedly said 'thank-you' to where you couldn't understand it

“I think she likes it,” her father said. Her mother nodded in agreement.

After a few more thank-yous to her parents, Juthamine ran upstairs to her room. She sat down on her bed and began to read the first page. On the second page, she began to feel a bit dizzy. Maybe she shouldn't have sneaked and drank her grandmother's eggnog? A few more pages after that, Juthamine notice she was shaking.

“I hate colds,” Juthamine muttered as she stared at the picture of Alice looking behind a curtain. She was just about to turn the page when the book started to shake in her hands. It shook so much she started to shake as well, making her look as though she was having a seizure.

“Hey, Juthamine!” Thomas shouted from the stairwell.

Juthamine couldn't answer. She couldn't even let go of the book. It was stuck to her hands like glue, and as much as she tried to look the other way, she couldn't. The pages were now turning on their own free will. It stopped on the the chapter of the Mad Hatter's tea party.

“Juthamine!” Thomas entered her room and stared. Juthamine was having a seizure! What was he to do? Thomas stepped back a few steps and ran down stairs screaming.

Before anyone could come upstairs to help, Juthamine's new Christmas book let out a bright light and sucked Juthamine into the book. The book fell to the floor, tumbled over on it's back.

No one knew they had bought Juthamine a cursed copy of the Alice. All they knew was that it came from a second hand shop, and that it was cheap. To this day, Juthamine is in the scene of the Mad Hatter's tea party, being offered tea. What they don't know is that Juthamine is stuck there, drinking tea for eternity, and being repeatedly called 'Alice'.

Who knew blondes looked alike?


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