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I got fairy lights for my room! Wow! I mean, we were at this store today, looking at the Christmas stuff, and my mom handed me a box of star shaped lights! I got two boxes with ten lights on them each. They blink blue! ^_^ They're curled around my headboard(it's one of those curvy wrought-iron headboards), and luckily there is a plug-in next to my bed. :D

Actually, I didn't know what fairy lights were other than pretty star shaped lights(thank you Princess Portal). I looked around on the 'Net and found out they're what we Americans call 'Christmas lights'. XD I think 'fairy lights' sound more magical! :D

I'm planning on going to sleep with my fairy lights on! :D It'll be like looking at real stars close up with out the burning balls of gas part. XD *is a geek*

*is happy!*

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Date: 2009-11-07 05:07 pm (UTC)
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OMG that sounds so magical-like :D When I get my own home (and get to buy another bed!) I wanna have one of those beds that have tall posts at all four corners and buy those bluish white Christmas lights and hang them above my bed and wrap them up in black tulle.

And yeah, getting up real close to big burning balls of gas tends to be bad for one's health XD

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Date: 2009-11-07 11:34 pm (UTC)
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I love Christmas time, I love the lights and everything too :D If it was up to me they'd be up all year long. I used to hang them up all year long here in Boston then the stupid kids wrecked them on me so I stopped putting them up all year but I do have lights around our gazebo. I also have butterfly lights up outside on the back porch :) I got those from Avon years ago. I love them!


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