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I just had to...Upload all my favorite Christmas icons and put up a Christmasy layout! ^_^ I have an obsession about Christmas, so yeah....

I'm currently enjoying one of my winter pastimes: listening to 1234 by Feist on repeat and smelling a nice candle. ^_^

I think I'm getting a cold, because I keep having fevers, and my head keeps hurting. -_-

Oh, well! I think I might lay down. :)

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Okay, you all now know I'm Autistic. But did you know that I regress daily?

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I just wanted to explain that all before I brag. I got a portable BriteLight today! It was only eight dollars too! ^_^ My mom got it for me. :D It works on batteries, and the pieces store in the case/britelight thing.

Also, don't be afraid to ask questions! And don't be freaked out by me. I am taking medicine, seeing doctors, and all that for help. It's not like I'm drooling and about kill someone over something stupid because of the lack of meds. ;) We're working on getting me a new therapist, since my old won't be paid by my insurance anymore, so yeah. So, please don't get weirded out by me! :D

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I have a stress headache! Dammit, I hate those. :( I can get really stressed-out easily, so no wonder I've been shaking a bit today. I have no idea why I'm stressed-out though.

I moved my unfinished doll-house back into my room today. :) All it needs is paint, floor covers, wall covers, ceiling finishes, and furniture, oh, and dolls. So, it's just a wooden structure in the shape of a house. XD My dad built it for me, but I guess he didn't know you're supposed to put it together after you paint everything. XD I'm sort of excited to finish it. There will be little bookcases with little books and little kitchens with little stoves. XD And little people!

I'm currently reading Inkheart and I love it. I'm not very far, but it's really good!

I'm really considering not going to LJ anymore. It really puts me down for some reason. Anyone else feel this way?



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