Nov. 4th, 2009 06:16 pm
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Okay, I've been thinking about this song I've been playing on repeat all day. ^_^

Obviously, the song is about losing childhood and innocence(or so I believe) and that it's kind of scary growing-up. Well...In a sense...I don't have to grow up. I regress too much to where it's become an almost all day thing! It comforts me, and since my doctors say since I have too many disorders to be able to function in a working atmosphere, I won't have to work. I am on SSI, so that's fixed. So, with all this extra time, I just regress and play.

And that's something special.

"No, you're just messed-up!"

Yes and no. I am sick, but I get to live my life the way tons of people would like to. Happy, carefree, and with Alice in Wonderland playing in the background whenever I'm doing something!

I told my mom this and she says it's a good way to look at my regression. It's not a good way. It's the only way.

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This made me think of my friend Hug_Machine @ LJ! :D

EDIT: This also made me think of my regression and how unlike most people, I have a chance for happiness with my regression that a lot of people would kill for! ^_^
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Today, I've been really regressed! For those new on my flist, check the regressed tag, and you'll know what I mean by it. :)

I've been playing with my new toys today. It got them with my own money. ^_^ And I have four dollars left! It was only $20, but still!

I got a game set thing. I was disappointed, because one of the playing boards is flimsy while the other is hard. -_- DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! And I knew the pieces would be plastic, so I'm okay with that, but the pick-up sticks with it are plastic as well. I FEEL LIKE A MORON! THE BOX LIED TO ME! -_- It looked really cool, and since I opened it up, I can't return it. :(

And I got a little pink/purple Etch-A-Sketch, which is awesome. And some Cinderella themed playing cards that are really cute.

Still feel stupid though. :(

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Okay, you all now know I'm Autistic. But did you know that I regress daily?

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I just wanted to explain that all before I brag. I got a portable BriteLight today! It was only eight dollars too! ^_^ My mom got it for me. :D It works on batteries, and the pieces store in the case/britelight thing.

Also, don't be afraid to ask questions! And don't be freaked out by me. I am taking medicine, seeing doctors, and all that for help. It's not like I'm drooling and about kill someone over something stupid because of the lack of meds. ;) We're working on getting me a new therapist, since my old won't be paid by my insurance anymore, so yeah. So, please don't get weirded out by me! :D



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