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Sorry for the billion posts last night! I closed my fiction community, so I decided to post my work here. And then I remembered I have a site with my work on it. O_o Oh, well!

I decorated my room last night besides the rest of the house. ^_^ I put garland on my bed, a light-up house on my reading table, old-world Santas all in my bookcase, and a few other things. Oh, and I have a purple tree in my room. XD

I've been playing a lot of Sims 2 lately since I now have a computer that will let me play it! I'm on my third generation, and the little girl is named Skye, because her mother is an alien. Her mother got a divorce from Ocean, who was cheating on her! And Ella(the alien) had two fathers, Dorean and James, who now haunt a house. On Sims 2, you can get male sims pregnant with aliens only. Women just can't do it that way. SO, Dorean had Ella, Ella had Skye, and Skye is a little girl who has a C+ average in school. O_o That is so messed-up...

Oh! My mom sold this freezer to some guy and it was in our storage room thing outside. So, while cleaning it out, she let me beat-up, tear apart, and dissemble two old computers people gave her that didn't work. ^_^ It was so much fun! But the bad thing was that it was raining and cold, and I was outside throwing computer parts on the ground, and now I am sick. :( See, we had to break them, because they had info of other people on them, so in order for someone to not find that info out, I had to break them. :D It was fun.

I'm getting hungry, so I'm going to go get some toaster strudel. :D



Nov. 2nd, 2009 11:52 am
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I hate the dentist, and guess who's going tomorrow at two o'clock? Me. My mom set me up an appointment today, and I'll have to go. I'm not afraid of the cleaning, just of what they might find!

How is everyone else's Monday? Besides the dentist stuff, I'm fine. I slept good. I'm still trying to get used to the new time. :P I mean, I wake up at what is now six o'clock thinking it's almost eight. -_-

Oh! This Saturday, I'm going to hang out at my friend Teresa's house. :) She's a little older than my mom, but she acts more like a really, really cool aunt. ^_^ And my real aunt is not cool at all, but very bossy. -_- No fun there. So, I've adopted Teresa as my aunt.

I'm going to go make-up my bed now. It's all bunched together at one side. XD



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