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Okay, here's what has happened to me in the past few weeks. ;)

New Computer!

My dad gave me the money to get a new computer, because he didn't know when he'd have the money around Christmas. ;) So, that's a BIG part of my Christmas...as well as a Barns & Nobel shopping spree! ^_^ It's a Compaq Presario with WINDOWS 7! I can say this: Windows 7 is the best ever! It's fast, smooth, and makes me giggle like the little geek that I am. And, I got to go book shopping! I got all three Inkheart books, a collective of Jane Austin's works in one big tome, a book light, a how-to water color kit, really nice colored pencils, and a really nice hardback(with bookmark!) sketch book.

SO, that was a nice early Christmas!


We(Teresa, Mommy, and I) went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch(I got a bit sick; cheesed-out!), and then went to see a movie. I saw A Christmas Carol. O_O IT WAS AWESOME. 3D glasses and everything! ^_^ I was sometimes scared so much I jumped in my seat, thinking I was going to drop my popcorn. XD They saw Blind Side. And then we went to Krispy Kream for donuts and then went to Spring Park and saw the Christmas lights.

Other Things:

We put up the Christmas tree today! It's so pretty, and reminds me of a nostalgic Christmas tree you see in books. :D We have four wreaths on the doors, antler headwear out to wear, and i have garland on my bed. And I got a purple 3ft Christmas tree in my room, and it has purple and silver ornaments on it. So pretty!

I painted my first watercolor painting the other day. It's a bug-eyed fairy boy. XD I love it. I'll show you all sometime. And I drew a nice picture of a girl, I'll have to show you too!

I'm reading A Christmas Carol and the movie was very, very close. It's really good.

Also, 'hi' new friends!

Is anyone here on Goodreads? If you are, give me your link and I'll add you! If you don't know, it's a bookish networking-like site. :D

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Has anyone ever been so involved with a book that you're afraid to turn the page, afraid of what will happen to the characters? It's like that for me with Inkheart. I love that book, but sometimes I'm afraid to find out what's going to happen. I guess some people get like this over TV shows. XD

Right now, rainbows are shining on my hands as I type! I love the crystals I've put in my window, because everyday around this time, I have rainbows in my room. If only there were butterflies fluttering around and in my hair; it would be very beautiful. It would be very Alice in Wonderland-esque. (^_^)

I think I'm the only person in the world, who is not a child, who gets excited over seeing a butterfly. LOL I love them! They're migrating and they're SO pretty. I mostly see the yellow ones. One day I saw a blue/black one. ^_^ It was SO pretty! It hung around our patio for about half an hour.

You know what? I'd love some fairy lights to hang over my bed. ^_^ I wonder where to get some?

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Well, I move the chair back into my room and the doll house out. I mean, before that I chatted with my pen pal Morgan for two hours, rested a bit, and then went to work on the chair. It looks better, and the state the dollhouse was in, it wasn't going to get any better. :(

Anyway! Morgan sent me some cool stuff today! I got five glow sticks! One is around my wrist as I type. :D And she sent me a Halloween card, lolita style. And four more lolita style cards, that are now framed and on my wall! And the letter I yet to read and reply to. :P I love her letters. I'm planning on quilling some things for her and I'm going to mail them. ... Yeah!

I'm thinking of curling up in my big reading chair and I might try to finish Inkheart if I can. :)

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I have a stress headache! Dammit, I hate those. :( I can get really stressed-out easily, so no wonder I've been shaking a bit today. I have no idea why I'm stressed-out though.

I moved my unfinished doll-house back into my room today. :) All it needs is paint, floor covers, wall covers, ceiling finishes, and furniture, oh, and dolls. So, it's just a wooden structure in the shape of a house. XD My dad built it for me, but I guess he didn't know you're supposed to put it together after you paint everything. XD I'm sort of excited to finish it. There will be little bookcases with little books and little kitchens with little stoves. XD And little people!

I'm currently reading Inkheart and I love it. I'm not very far, but it's really good!

I'm really considering not going to LJ anymore. It really puts me down for some reason. Anyone else feel this way?



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