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Title:The 'New' Book
Rating: G
Summary: Mary buys a 'new' book.

Mary put her bags on the kitchen table and searched for the new book she bought at the thrift shop. Aha! It had a semi-broken spine, and the pages were well worn.

Mary had always had a never-ending story going on in her head about old books. It was this: when a book is no longer loved, it is forgotten and tossed aside like a nuisance. When the book is then bought by a new person, and when the person wanted it, it is loved again, and order is brought back to the book.

Books are like people, Mary had always thought. Some are fat, some are thin, some are crinkly and old, and some are shiny and new. So, wouldn't it hurt a book's feelings if it was tossed into a box and taken to a store to sit on a shelf or on a table for months (or years even) until it was bought? Mary liked to think that. It made her feel like a person taking in a kitten; it was usually the right thing to do and it made a person feel good.

Mary opened the book and read the first few pages while standing in her now dark kitchen. A cloud had passed overhead and soon it was raining hard. The thunder didn't stop her from reading. Rain was such a joy for her, unlike most people who it usually caused misery for.

She managed to sit down in her bedroom, while simultaneously dropping her purse onto the floor. She quietly turned pages as the lights flickered. Mary put her book just for a moment to light a large candle she had next to her on a table, and then she was back reading again. About five minutes later, the lights went out and Mary was left to her candle for light.

And that didn't bother her one bit. All she needed was her 'new' book.


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