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Title: Beyond the Bridge
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bernard leaves home one night to go to the forbidden bridge, and ends up in a wormhole.

In the town, there was a bridge. A bridge that no one dared cross. Parents would tell their children horrifying stories about the bridge, hoping that they wouldn't even go near it. Some of the stories did have a bit of truth in them, but most were just a story. The parents didn't know they were basically giving their children nightmares at night and that they were lying, but they thought it was all for the best.

There was a boy named Bernard. He loved for his parents to tell him the stories. As he grew older, he began to do research about the bridge. The last person to cross the bridge didn't come back, neither did the one before him, and neither did the one before her. Parents losing their curious children obviously had made them create the stories, but that didn't scare Bernard. He would come back. He would make sure of it.

And this is his story.

* * *

As Bernard walked to work each day, he passed the bridge. He would stop and stare at it, with his mind turning like clock wheels. It was always covered in fog, so no one could see the other side. He'd stare and stare, and then he'd sigh. He longed to go to the bridge. He wanted to go away from his boring life at the grocery and away from his parents' house. Bernard didn't just want to go, he needed to go. Each day passed, and each day the longing to leave became stronger.

Bernard laid in bed one night thinking of the bridge. It was there waiting for him. No one would no of his leaving until the morning. Bernard was dressed soon after these thoughts, and then the next thing he knew, he was climbing out of the window and then running. Running in the cold night towards the bridge.

At last, he saw it. The fog was even more dense that night. Bernard put his hand on the cold railing, and put one foot on the bridge. The bridge began to shake, making him fall forward. He could see his reflection in the water below. He then realized he was scared. Bernard tried to get up, but he found he was being pulled forward into a swirling vortex. There was a flash of blue light, making Bernard cover his eyes.

Bernard kept his eyes covered and screamed. He was now spinning. The spinning became faster and faster; Bernard peeked through his fingers and saw many things passing him as he traveled. Clocks, planets, stars, and even people. The people was shaking their hands at him and yelling, but Bernard could not hear their yells for the sucking sounds around him.

The spinning continued for some time, and then he started falling. He looked up and saw that he had fallen though an opening in the sky where he could still see the vortex. Bernard panicked and looked down. He was falling towards water. Bernard screamed as he hit the water, thinking it would be cold, but it was actually very warm. He flailed under the water, choking because of the lack of oxygen.

Then he was pulled up out of the water. The first thing he sees is the huge blue sun in the sky. He looked in front of him and saw the face of old fisherman.

“You come out of that wormhole, boy?”

Bernard nodded.

“Well, get in the boat!”

The man helped Bernard into the fishing boat and Bernard thanked him.

“No, problem!” said the man. “You're not the first to come through a wormhole and land in the water. Did you walk on a bridge?”

Bernard nodded his head.

“Did you end up sucked into a vortex and see people yelling at you as you passed by?”

“Yeah,” Bernard answered.

“You idiot,” the mad said. “Every year we get at least ten new people in town because they had to go check out that damn bridge. Too stupid for their own good.” The man picked up his fishing pole and cast it into to the water. “There's not just one bridge, you know. There's dozens of them! Which one did you come from?”

“Uh, I don't really know. My town is Evansville ”

The man looked at the sky and the said, “You came from Vortex 42 then.”

Bernard raised a brow. “Vortex 42? They're numbered? How many are there?”

The man raised his hand, signing that Bernard should stop asking questions. “There all numbered according-” the man began to reel in his catch “-to what area of the universe they're from. You came from Sector 42 in Alpha B.”


The man did not reply, as his fishing line was stuck on something. Finally, he reeled in an old boot of some sorts. He unhooked it and tossed it next to him on the small boat. Bernard then noticed that there were about three or four pairs of boots and shoes of all sizes.

“Does everyone lose their shoes here?” Bernard asked.

“It's where other people's shoes from other planets' shoes go to. We're near the middle of the universe, so everything is automatically sucked here. Including you.” The man laughed and cast is line back into the water. “You lose a sock in the dryer, it ends up in Mrs. Hampton's back yard. You lose a shoe, it goes to the lake!”

Bernard and the man stayed in the middle of the lake until dark catching shoes. Bernard then was instructed to go to the City Hall and register.

“Register? For what?” Bernard had asked the man.

“To live here! You can't just stay for free!”

Bernard was shocked. “But I don't have any money! What am I going to pay with?”

“I don't' know, but it'll have to be something.”

Bernard walked to the City Hall and found a few other disgruntled people standing in a line. A few had green skin, and others had multiple eyes. One woman had two heads. He found the back of the line and stood for what seemed like a few hours. At last it was his turn.

“Hello,” said the woman in a high pitched voice. “Where are you from?”

“I think it's Vortex 42,” Bernard said.

“Oh, from Alpha B, then?” The woman wrote all of the information down on a form.

“I guess so.”

“Well, go to John over there and he'll put your chip in.”


The woman laughed. “Oh, you know! Your microchip so we can monitor you. We just don't let strangers wonder around all nilly-willy, do we John?”

Bernard looked over where the others were getting their chips put into their arms. John gave a quick nod, and put a chip in the two-headed woman's arm. One head giggled and the other screamed. Bernard looked back around and said, “I think I want to go home.”

The woman laughed again. “Go home? How? No one has gone home since 452 C.D. and that was a holiday. The only way you can go home is if you find a wormhole to your planet.”

Bernard shifted his eyes and said, “Then I'll find one.” He began to run. He could hear the woman and others shouting after him. Bernard found himself at the lake again and he began to swim. Bernard wasn't very good at swimming, but he could do it in a state of panic. He passed the man's fishing boat, and the man called after him.

“I'm going home!” shouted Bernard. He dived. He swam and swam, and could hardly hold his breath. Then he saw it. A swirling vortex in the water. He wondered how it wasn't sucking any of the water in. He managed to shrug underwater, and Bernard was soon close enough for the vortex to suck him in.

Bernard screamed again and blacked out.

When he woke up, Bernard found himself in a hospital bed. His left arm was hurting, and when he looked at it, he saw that there was a chip in his arm. Bernard jerked the oxygen off his face and jumped out of bed, put on his clothes that were in a closet. He was about to jump out of the window, but he was pulled back.

“What do you think you're doing?”

Bernard looked back and he saw a whole group of people there. They were all dressed in white, and one was holding what looked like a straight-jacket.

“I want to go home!” Bernard said.

“But you are home!” Bernard saw his mother and father come into the room.

“But-but what about the chip in my arm and the vortexes and the wormholes, and Alpha B!”

His mother shook her head. “Oh, sweetie. We tried to tell you the truth.”

“What truth? Huh? I've been through hell and back and it's only because you made me want to check out that damn bridge!”

“The bridge only leads to the other side of town. If you go through the vortex, that just means you'll cause trouble, and we'll have to watch you. That's why you have the chip now.”

Bernard back up against the wall and said, “You're not my mother. She wouldn't do this to me! She wouldn't!” He jumped up and tried to get out of the window, but two strong men pulled him down and put the jacket on him. Bernard screamed all the way to his new home.

Eventually, Bernard did get to go home. But that was only when he shut-up about the wormhole.
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